Get Your Kids Excited About Brushing Their Teeth

Get Your Kids Into Brushing

Throwback Thursday! It’s good to get your kids into brushing by demonstrating. We started using powered toothbrushes for our kids when they were about 2 years old. I like Oral B brushes for kids since they have smaller heads and the sensitive brush head is softer on their gums. Sonicare also has a sensitive gums brush head that works well for kids. We use regular fluoridated toothpaste, but onlyabout the size of a grain of rice so if they swallow it there isn’t much there. Coach them every time on spitting it out and they will pick it up eventually. Don’t forget the floss – especially any teeth that are touching. If your child’s teeth have spaces everywhere, you can often brush between them and don’t have to spend as much time with floss yet.

You can use this video if it helps to motivate your little ones:

I hear patients tell me every day that their teeth are in rough shape because they didn’t brush as a kid – since they didn’t know how or that they even had to. Show your kids how, let them watch you, and hopefully they will develop a lasting habit and they’ll have beautiful pearly whites as an adult.

“Children have never been very good at listening to their elders but have never failed to imitate them.” James Baldwin

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